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Fertilizer Division

Our fertilizer application system consists of two variable rate Chandler spreaders which are pulled with four wheel drive tractors. These spreaders are run by a computer with GPS guidance. They are perfect for running pastures with precision. The variable rate technology can change rates with the click of a few buttons. These machines are also equipped with seeing-eyes that can see missing trees in a grove saving the grower fertilizer, lime or any material that is being applied.

We also have two spreader trucks that are equipped with chandler spreader bodies and GPS guidance. These trucks have the capability to run pastures with speed and precision. We can also run groves or anything that is requested. Trucks can haul material up and down roads, so they will reign supreme if distance is a hurdle, and save time and money. Our Spreading Application Manager is Mike Cofer. He has had several years in this application field. Our operators also have years of experience in the field, are very experienced and capable, and have received Global GAP Training.